Three Years

by running shoes

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This album is dedicated to Sophie and Liam for being way cooler than any humans ever.


released May 12, 2015

Recorded mixed and mastered by Rick Johnson, at Cold War Studios.
Thanks to The Cardboard Swords/Odd Dates for support on gang vocals.



all rights reserved


running shoes Grand Rapids, Michigan

feeling bad

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Track Name: Quad Cop
last night you scraped your knees
just to match my bloody nose
you looked so good in those ripped up jeans
I could see your tattoos through the holes
come on little bird let's get stoned
I heard love makes your eyes hang low
laid back let the moon just glow

all alone in a parking lot
nowhere to go if we get caught
the streetlights come on
lean your seat back
I can sing you a song

when we woke up it was raining
so we rolled our windows down
sure enough the water came and flushed us out
and it felt so good
Track Name: Ace Ventura: Get Perspective
the sun behind her would make a perfect picture
but I left my phone at the house
the way her bangs just flirt with her eyebrows
I never noticed it until we go out

maybe it's the lighting inside this apartment
if love is a storm then the lightning's just part of it
love is a fight just remember who started
love is too hard
I give up I don't want any part of it.

I'm out of reasons to come back home
they all left when I left your bedroom
it's not you its the nine before you
it never so good to be alone
Track Name: Die In the Game
sometimes I see this girl
I thinks it you but it's not
because she noticed me like you didn't
I don't know how I'm supposed to feel
sometimes i hear this voice
it sounds just like yours but it's not
because it speaks softly like you didn't
I don't know how I'm supposed to feel

so I guess I'll just stay small
and I'll just take whatever

I don't care if you don't come home.
Track Name: "I Know You Do!"
I was soaked to the bone walking home from your dad's house
your voice was ringing in my ear with your footsteps in the background
and from the bushes there I could swear I heard something move
I guess that's the best way to describe you
as a feeling as a sound
as a rocking chair covered with a sheet
as the scent of the cold damp ground beneath my feet

I'm home alone again
there's no more furniture or sheets left on the bed
because you took them when you left
all I got was this filthy t-shirt and a hole in my chest
and a feeling
the taste of blood as it drips from your teeth
and the fact that I still need you
you fucked me
Track Name: Thunder Lake
a splash of color illuminates the rear view mirror
as my cigarette hits the pavement
it all comes back to me
it will all come back to you

I still tear up every time I hear that song
you thought you could save me
you thought wrong
you fucking tricked me
that's what hurts the most

turns out my angel was just a ghost

if this ship were matches would it burn?